3x to Large

Today my new tee's arrived and when I ordered them I had no intention of wearing them right away since looking at the size chart, I was in between a large and XL.... but... they fit! They are a little more fitted than my normal loose preference but I have to say, I like it. Before I didn't like tee's near my skin whatsoever so I felt like it just made me look heavier... or that people "could see I'm fat", when all realty the shirts and cardigans were not hiding me. Cardigans were always a security blanket for me, I wore them even with 120º temps... yes, you read that correct lol!

I wanted to see just how much the size difference is so I laid down my 3x that I wore in my original progress pic (the "before" pic) and the new size on top... WOW! I thought it was funny how I didn't think this shirt would ever fit when holding it up after I opened the package. My mind and eyes are still very much 320 lbs, I'm glad my eyes lie to me though, it makes the surprise that much more exciting!

My birthday is tomorrow and my husband surprised me with some gifts a day early. He got me Lush Big shampoo that I've have been wanting badly, and the yoga bath bomb! I had a sample of the Big shampoo that lasted a good 2 weeks (I wash my hair every morning) and it helped me a ton. I haven't talked much about it on the blog, or with most people in general, but my hair is thinning badly and I am very self conscious about it. This shampoo helped me a ton with volume, but at $27 a container, I couldn't get myself to buy it. Can't wait to wash my hair in the morning now lol!!

This weekend we picked up some new plant babies for the raised beds. We lost quite a few plants when we had our first 115º heat wave a couple weeks ago, then with the 118-120º temps this weekend we decided to pull the rest of the ones that we were losing. We picked up: serrano pepper, sweet chocolate bell pepper, flavor-burst pepper, chamomile, and our first future tree, a moringa! We have done well with our pepper plants, that was why we wanted to get more. They seem to tolerate the heat a little better but do wilt pretty bad if not shaded. Our shades right now look so tacky but they are working, we are going to make it look real nice after summer and move the beds for the fall. Then we can really get to work on the garden, this was our first test and I think we are doing pretty good!

I'm sharing these adorable toys that I found, I want ALL of them! Just needed some cuteness on this post haha! They are My Mini Mixie Q's!

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