Back to Mornings!

Once we got Maggie (our Golden Retriever puppy) I moved my running and walking to the evening. It was the same week we got the treadmill to, it killed me but it was too hard to watch Maggie with puppy training alone and sneak away to run. That left evenings free to run since my husband was off work.

This morning was my first time back to mornings during the weekday!! I was doing mornings on the weekends, but not on the weekday. It felt so good this morning! I was up at 4:30, jumped on the treadmill for a quick 1 mile run/walk at 5:30, shower and ready for my day.

It's amazing how awake and focused I feel after getting my body moving that early, like I don't want to mess up the whole day now because of a good start. Hoping this snowballs and I stay focused all day. Yesterday I ate crappy, not bad on calories, just food choices. Greasy, lots of bread, and little water... by the afternoon I was craving fruit, veggies, and lots of salad! I've learned my lesson, though, I feel like I've said that before a couple times... My body just doesn't like greasy foods anymore at all, never did but it never effected me as harsh as it does now.

I already planned out most of the day and haven't had breakfast yet, I love fasted running so I rarely eat before a run. I had no choice but to run after dinner for the past few months so I got used to it, but I prefer an empty stomach. Some days I felt like I was dragging 500 lbs of weight on my hips in the evening on the treadmill, haha!

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