Busy week!

I haven't been posting as much on this blog, totally not intentional just been busy. I started writing on my old yarn and plush blog, Milky Robot, this week. I plan to keep all my weight loss, running, and health stuff off that blog and keep it on here only.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go back to opening up my online yarn and plush shop, I'm an indie dyer and have taken a break while I worked on my weight loss. It helped a ton so I could focus, but I did miss being creative. I put myself fully centered through my whole weight loss while I got a good grip on creating better habits and changing old ones. Now that I feel like I have a good handle on things again I am ready to start up my old hobbies again!

I've been kicking major butt this week after a slightly binged weekend... not bad, just in the evening. I whipped it in the butt Sunday and got back to it on Monday. Aunt Flo came to visit yesterday so I wasn't shocked to see a tiny gain on the scale but this morning it started to go back down, woot! Hopefully I will have a nice weigh in come the weekend if I stay on track with my no binge. I'm feeling amped and good!

I have been slacking massively with walking and running, but I hope to get on the treadmill this week, my next virtual run is around the 21st, I signed up for one to do on my Birthday! I need to get moving though, even if it means stepping on the yoga mat for a good stretch, my hips feel really tight today while sitting on the floor with the dog. I'm hoping to start easing into some morning walks, even if it's just for 15 min, anything to jump start my day will help!

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  1. It's unbelievable how much Maggie has grown. Still a puppy but you can see the adult dog in her too.
    I have one of your monsters sitting on my desk. It's a green one, we did a trade a few years ago. :o) I love it. Glad you are picking up your creative interests again. I still have some yarn you dyed too to work with.


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