Easing back into routine

A while back I fell out of sync with my strength training routine, then my walking, then my running. This week I got back into my running (I was still doing a virtual run here and there though) and my strength training! Yay!

Yesterday I did full body strength training with my kettlebell and free weights, feeling it massively today. The joys of getting back into routine! I finished my session with a short yoga practice, also did a little yoga on the back patio in our yard. It was so nice outside, despite the heat we have been in, it was only 71º! Supposed to get to 104º today, not too bad considering we have a 120º Sunday coming up this weekend, as well as next Monday.

The scale is still moving steadily this week, I reached the 222's this morning! Only 6 oz shy of my weekly goal. I have been on a no-binge streak and kicking butt with my snacking. I've hit my water goal consistently for the past week and a half, it's for sure slowly becoming a habit to get all my water in each day and it's been helping me a ton with water retention, even after my strength training yesterday. I for sure thought I would hold in some water with these sore muscles, but it didn't seem to effect them at all water wise, score!

Today I'm going to plan out which virtual runs I want to register for next month and a few months past that. I have one more to do this month and I wish I had signed up for one more, I just did two this month and I think if I had one more it would have kept me on my toes with running. This weekend or next week I'm doing the Bad Hair Day 5k virtual run, the medal is SO freakin' cute! I wanted to do a race for my birthday and since it would be too hot to do a live race I opted for a virtual run. My birthday is on Tuesday next week!!

Next month, I am signed up for Moonjoggers Full Moon Challenge. You do either 12 miles or a 12k, I opted for the 12k lol! You can do it split up or all at once. I'm dreading this one since I want to do it all at once but I'll be on the treadmill and I find it hard enough to keep focused when doing just 3 miles on the treadmill... can't imagine how I will focus doing 7.5 miles and not get bored, so I may split this race into two... maybe half on the new moon and half on the full moon to match the theme of this virtual run! We will see, I may even just jump on the treadmill and see how long I can actually go before wanting to throw in the towel and finish it up the next day. Normally I do not like splitting up a virtual run but this is the Full Moon "Challenge" and not a race, so I don't mind.

There are a few virtual runs in my radar that I really want to sign up for, I may do that tonight too. I have yet to do a Comic Con Run and I want to do two of the new ones, the Ghost Busters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! They have a Goonies themed one to but I've never been a huge Goonies person... to be honest, I don't think I've actually ever watched it.... gasp! I know, I know... I should put that on today just for admitting that lol! I should just sign up for all three and I would be set for a couple months with those races (I made a goal for 2016 that I would do 2 races per month this year and since it's hot here, I opt for virtual runs).

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