Getting Faster!

This week has started off awesome! I had a great day of eating yesterday, no binge, reached my water goal and got a run in on the treadmill. My run felt great too, unlike last time. I decided to up the speed on both my run and my walk (I do a 30/30 run walk) and was amazed that I was getting faster. It actually felt better running a bit faster than the slower speed. Normally I run at the 4.1 speed on the treadmill, but I bumped it to 4.4 (which doesn't seem like a lot but it was a big difference).

When I did a 14:29 min/mi in the past (before I beat that with a 14:13), I ran the whole thing non-stop on the treadmill. Last night, I did a 14:25 min/mi with a 30/30 run walk... I was faster with walking breaks. I literally walked half of the run... and still beat that pace. I hope to bump the run portion to 45/30 down the road but right now I'm pretty comfortable with a 30/30 and I'm going to stay with it until I finish my half marathon in January.

Not sure if I mentioned before that I wanted to do the Hot Chocolate 15k, but it's been on my running wishlist. I really want to do this race and I also want that 15k milestone race marked off instead of skipping straight from a 10k to a half. December 5th the race will be here and I'm thinking of registering and using it as part of my half marathon training, I'm still fairly new to live races and seeing that 15:00 min/min max pace scares me. I am currently at a PR mile of 14:13 and would like to get to the 13:00's before this race. Has anyone done this 15k? What happens if I keep under that pace for most of the race but fall past it on some laps?

The scale is moving this week and it's already Monday, I'm down about a half pound since Saturdays "weigh in". I reached the 223's this morning! As much as I would like to get to 220 by Saturday, I'll be happy with a 2 lb loss and end at 222. We shall see what the week brings! I know that my run last night helped for sure, I felt great when I went to bed last night. I do need to ice my left knee today though, it was feeling a tad pinched this morning so I want to get that rested and run again tomorrow.

I'm going to try and ease back into a 3 day run week and see how that goes. Last time when I ran 3-4 days a week I didn't lose any weight, I just maintained.

Today I'm testing out my Garmin Forerunner 230 for step count. I normally wear my Fitbit Charge HR 24/7 for step count but I need to charge it today so I thought it would be a great idea to test the Garmin! So far... not sure if it's accurate and my Fitbit is not, or if it's not picking up all my steps. Seems like I'm doing a lot more walking than it is picking up. After moving around this morning it stayed at 124 steps when I was sure I was at least in the 155-160 step count (I had just gotten up and walked around for a bit). We will see! I do know that already I don't like the bulky feel of my Garmin for daily wear. My Fitbit was light and thin, so I didn't notice I was wearing it half the time... some days I had to check my wrist to be sure I was wearing it. I have a feeling I will switch to my Fitbit once it's charged the morning... so the test wouldn't work well lol!!

** Update on the Garmin "test"... switched back to Fitbit after about 3 hours. I'm just more comfortable with FitBit for daily wear. It's less bulky, light, and I'm just used to my FitBit. My Garmin will remain as just a running and walking watch for sure right now. I thought about upgrading my FitBit to the Surge, but I hear it's not very accurate as far as pace goes when running, so I would rather not mess with that much haha!

I'll leave you with a picture of Maggie and her friend Cali, she is our friends dog and is a lab-pit mix. Sweetest girl around, they got along great! We went over to their place for dinner this weekend. Look how big Maggie is getting!! She is about 32.5 lbs now and just over the 4.5 month mark. We finish up puppy training this Saturday and she graduates, awww! I need to pick her up a special treat and toy this week for Saturday... yes, I'm that kind of dog mom lol! Spoil her to the max!

Loose leash walking is a struggle, she is a major puller but is getting slowly better. I'm going to switch her harness to a front lead harness and see how that goes. We have a back lead harness that doesn't work, she just pulls more. We tried just the collar like one trainer suggested but she chokes herself badly. The other trainer prefers a harness... confusing? Yes! We also tried a slip lead like Cesar Milan uses, she didn't like that one bit and she wiggles os much that it kept falling down to the middle of her neck. So front lead harness is next on the list to try! A friend recommended one that she uses for her pulling dog, says it helps a ton. If anyone else has any tips let me know!

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