It's not easy!

I hear this comment far too often... "if only I could lose weight as easily as you".

First off, it's not easy. Just because it seems like it may be easy, it's by far not. It's incredibly hard, especially when I have the urge to binge. There are some nights that I will catch myself getting into an emotional fight just because I have the urge to binge and I'm trying not to, some days you would think I'm having withdraws from a drug I get so bad. I try to remember that it's just food... it does not control me, the urge will pass and I will be so happy afterwards or the next day if I don't give in.

My advice for those who are trying to lose weight... 

◉ It's ok if this takes a long time, it's ok if it's hard. If it weren't hard, everyone would be a size 0. 

◉ If your a binge eater like myself, just breath. Take a moment to pull away from the room you are in, change your scenery and take some big deep breaths. Clear your mind and focus on your breath, you can even mentally count each breath if that helps (in 1, out 2, in 3, out 4...). When you feel more in control, go back to what you were doing and smile, you just worked through this binge! Celebrate!

◉ Enjoy the process, enjoy your body at each stage it goes through as you shrink. 

◉ Don't think about the big picture and all the weight you have to lose, set mini goals, even just 5 lbs at a time. I set micro goals that help me reach my bigger goals that will lead to the overall goal.

◉ Celebrate every milestone, no matter the size... even if it's just 1 lb! Every step you take in the right direction should be celebrated.... celebrate a no binge day, celebrate when you reach your water goal for the day, celebrate when you reach your daily step goal. 

◉ Make it fun and make it a challenge! Challenge yourself to reach X goal by a certain time and work towards it.

◉ If you don't have a planner, buy one! Use it to keep track of your goals and milestones reached, keep track of your steps, your weight, your thoughts, etc. I will do a new post soon on how I'm using my planner these days to keep me motivated with my weight loss.

◉ Drink lots of water! This will help with water retention and flush out holding water, as well as sodium. If you weigh daily like I do and see a jump on the scale after having a perfect food day, it's water. Don't fret, just drink up and go about your day, it will be ok!

◉ A huge reminder, the number on the scale does not define your mood for the day. If you gain, that's ok! Focus on how you feel, check your measurements, and remember how much you have changed already. Reflect back to where you started, this will always boost your mood!

◉ Lastly, love your body in the process. Laugh and smile at loose skin, heck... squeeze it and giggle! I do! Your body is doing some amazing things, take notice.

It's not impossible, it's hard. Doing something hard, is possible.


  1. That drawing is brilliant! And you said it very well. It's a struggle, but we are worth it!

  2. yesterday when I weighed I had gained one pound overall for the month of may. I was pretty disappointed. But then when I took my measurements for the end/first of the month I was down 7 inches overall. I also ran more miles in the month of may than any other month. My clothes are fitting better and I am wearing clothing that I haven't been able to wear for awhile. So even though the scale was unkind I had many NSV for the month of May. Sometimes I think that I put too much emphasis on what the scale says. When in reality I need to look at the whole picture.


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