June 1st - Progress

It's a new month! Yay! It's also my birthday month (on the 21st) and I've never been so excited to get older! I'll be 33 and in the best shape, weight, and activity level that I have ever been in my adult (and teen) life.

Since it's a new month, that means new progress pics and stats. I weighed in this morning at 224.8, that's 95.2 lbs lost now! I lost 6 lbs in May and I'm now down 35" inches overall since October (didn't start tracking them till then).

I'm excited for June and I hope to crush some goals. I've been doing great with my water intake so I plan to keep going strong with that, I haven't been walking much so I want to kick that into gear again. Running has also been lacking, big time! I didn't run at all last week, I'm supposed to do a 3 mile virtual run tonight... I need to do that and stay accountable, I signed up to do the National Running Day 5k (virtual).

The biggest goal I would like to reach this month is reach the 100 lb lost milestone, preferably on or before the 21st. So this is my focus, lose 4.8 lbs, that is it. Let's do this!

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