Naked Running

... get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind! I ran without my Garmin tonight and it was oddly freeing. Normally I'm so caught up on my pace that I tend to miss the actual enjoyment of running. I know some will roll their eyes at that one... running is fun! You just have to find a way to make it fun. For me, it's blasting my Google Play running playlist on my treadmill speakers and jam out! Justin Timberlake had my back tonight, had to press play twice on "Can't Stop the Feeling", love that song! Luckily my husband didn't walk in on me dancing on the treadmill while running (yes, you can do that too).

I celebrated today's 100 lb milestone with a donut, as one does.

I haven't ran since last week... I've been slacking big time! It's not that I don't want to run, the heat has just killed my running high, even though I've been running indoors on the treadmill. It's a mental block I think... hot outside = hot running no matter where you are. I'm trying to get back into the habit of running, so even if that means a simple and "quick" one mile, so be it. I'm a slow runner, so I guess even a quick mile is a bit slow, hah! I did a 15:00 min/mile tonight, so not too bad.

I'm making it my job to run more in July! I have two virtual runs lined up, but both are challenges really, not "races". I'm doing the Full Moon Challenge through Moonjoggers, I signed up for the 12k instead of the 12 mile. No way can I stay sane while doing a 12k on my treadmill, I struggle with just 3 miles already. I will break it up into two runs most likely, maybe see how long I can go for the first run, then finish it up with the second. The other is the Hot Summer K's challenge, it's a 10 day run doing just 1k a day, I'm opting to do 1 mile a day so it's a teeny bit longer. I need to register for one more to keep the fire lit under my butt next month, thinking of the Ice Cream Day 5k!

Back to tonight's run... it was interesting to compare my pace after losing 100 lbs (since I ran "naked" I just logged my start and finish time... you know, manually). I think my mile was around a half hour when I started walking back in August last year. Then when I actually started to keep track of my walking with Map My Run, I think it was around 22 or 25 mins for a mile before January. Now, 100 lbs lighter, my fastest mile is 14:12 min. I know these numbers don't seem that much faster to non-runners, but that is a huge difference! I noticed with running that even a few seconds can make the world of difference. We runners celebrate even a mere 1 second shaved off our pace time, haha!

I'm looking forward to Friday since it will be my monthly progress check with measurements and photo comparison. I think my 1 year anniversary will be the biggest moment for me, just to see a year side by side will be mind boggling I'm sure! I'll also talk about my next and final weight loss phase and what my goals are... even though I said I wouldn't set a goal for the rest of my weight loss. What can I say, I really like seeing those goals crushed!


  1. You have done such an amazing job. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing all your progress. Congratulations!!You are very inspiring. I'm slowly beginning my own weightloss journey. I would love to ask you a few questions just not in the comment section. Do you have a way for readers to contact you? If not I completely understand. Congratulations again on all your hard work and dedication, and your honesty.

    1. Thanks so much! You sure can, up at the top left of my blog is an envelope icon above where it says "blog" Would love to hear from you!


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