Running Day 5k

Forgot to post this on the 1st, oop's! since it was Natioanl Running Day on June 1st, I registered early for a fun virtual run to do... and I'm so glad I signed up this one. One big reason is that I haven't ran since the 23rd last month, in fact I didn't even do any walks last week at all. So I'm grateful I signed up for this virtual run, it got me to get some running in.

While this was a hard little 3 miles, it was still fun. Going from no walking or running to a 5k at the end of a long day was rough haha! My legs just didn't want to get with the program and I wanted to quit so badly after a half mile in. I didn't run much, in fact I added a ton of walking, almost one full mile was straight walking, but I got it done and didn't quit. Quitting is not an option for me this year, nope, not going to happen!

Time: 51:25
Average Pace: 16:36 (3.6 mph)
Best Pace: 12:50 (4.7 mph)


  1. Congrats on another 5k! What kind of treadmill do you have? It's getting too hot outside for me to walk but I don't want to stop. Thanks!

    1. We have a Nordictrack c900i I think, I'll have to check next time I go in my room! Love it! It's come in handy now that we are hitting the 116º temps here!


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