Summer Mojo

I have been SO lazy so far this summer, my step count is in the toilet and it's rare that I even reach my step goal for the day. I was reading a recent post that Tamara posted on her blog Tamara Shazam and it clicked for me. Once I slowed down on running, everything else seemed to slow down. Luckily I got back into my eating habits and haven't slipped, but my activity has diminished once I slowed down on running and took some time off.

It's funny how one little change can snowball into a major change. I haven't been doing very many virtual runs since summer break started, they usually keep me running when I don't feel like it. Something about having a medal sitting on the shelf tucked away in the the envelope gets me up and running, almost like "you can have this if you do that first". I have one on my shelf now still in the shipping envelope that I'm dieing to look at and snap a pic of, I'm doing that run this weekend I think, if not next week!

This morning I decided to register for a few virtual runs to keep me busy next month and beyond. I registered for one of the Comic Con Run's, I opted for the Cowabunga 5k since I loved the medal! I still want to grab a slot for the Who you gonna call? (ghostbusters) so hopefully I can snatch a spot up before the end of the month (if they aren't sold out). I also registered for the Hot Summer K's Challenge, it's a 10 day challenge doing 1k a day. Easy enough, super short, and will hopefully help get me motivated.

I really need to organize my virtual runs that I registered for, I have several coming up and two live races in the fall and winter (maybe three if I decide to do the Hot Chocolate 15k).

I also caved and ordered two new tee's in a size large!! I'm currently in a mens XL and they are getting looser and looser by the week, so I decided to order a couple tee's to look forward to wearing. I'm hoping I can wear them at least by the end of July, so we will see! The large size chart shows it fits a chest of 44", I'm currently at 44.5" in the bust. So only a couple more inches down and they will fit like I want hopefully. My XL fits a 48" chest, so I have 4 inches of wiggle room to give you an idea.

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