Weigh Day + Farmer's Market

Today was my weigh day and I reached my 2 lb goal for the week on the dot. Lost exactly 2 lbs and I'm now at a 98 lb loss! WOOT! So... freakin'... close to that 100 lb mark.

A couple weeks ago I decided to start a new thing... if I do well all week with my eating (meaning, no binge) I treat myself to coffee and a donut on Saturday after weigh in. Last weekend I didn't do this since I didn't feel like I was very focused the week prior, I had some binge days. This week I did awesome, no binges, ate on point, and reached my water intake goal every day no matter what.

This morning at the farmers market I treated myself to mini donuts from the Bite's Donuts food truck. These were so good and so worth the wait all week, I couldn't eat them all! I also grabbed a cup of my favorite iced coffee from Mama's Cold Brew. I had this coffee a couple years ago at a craft show I was vending at (every time I made a sale I would go buy more coffee lol) and found out they vend at our local farmers market, so now I make it a priority to grab one when I go there.

Today was Maggie's first big outing! She has been in the clear now to go for walks and parks since she is all finished up with her shots. We have been working with her on leash pulling, it's been the biggest struggle. We have tried all kinds of harness and collars with her, one of her trainers prefers dogs to be in a collar only, while the other says harness (we have two trainers since one took over half way through the classes). I really didn't feel comfortable with her pulling and choking so much (it got bad), so I went back to a harness and decided to try a front lead harness... this has totally changed things for walks. It's amazing! We tested it out this morning and she did so good! She still pulls, but not nearly as much and it's much easier to get her attention and in control.

Of course she was on energy overload with meeting so many people, other dogs, and just being out where the action was. After a little while she calmed down a notch and did really well! The leash was loose, she walked along side of me, sat when I asked her to. It was a magical moment, now I'm looking forward to longer walks and taking her out more and more. The only thing that sucks is the heat, we can only take her out for walks in the morning before 9 or 10am before the sidewalks and streets heat up (you can literally cook an egg on our sidewalks). Even at night, it takes till about 10pm for them to cool down to walking temps on her feet and by then it's too late. Summer sucks with a hyper puppy, but I think we are going to take her to the dog park here soon on a weekend morning and see how she does. Apparently there is an amazing dog park near us that even the vet raves about, they said early mornings are less busy. She has been meeting lots of dogs, especially this morning and does really well.

She is now 4.5 months old and yesterday the vet weighed her in at 34 lbs! She had to go in for one more shot that he didn't want to mix with her others two weeks ago. She is going in for spaying in about a month, will be glad to get this done and over with.

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  1. Great job, you are so close to that goal!!!
    As a fellow dog mommy, if you're worried about her paws in summer these types of booties are great http://www.alldogboots.com/Orthopedic-Indoor-Summer-Dog-Shoes-p/sporthos.htm we've used them for hiking with the dogs. They take some getting used to but if you do it when they are young it's not too bad :)


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