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I haven't done an "official weigh day" in a long time, I've just been juggling the past few pounds it seems and decided to skip my official weigh days and just log it once a week when I feel I'm at a good point. Works for me right now! You can tell I'm extremely relaxed with my weight loss right now and no longer stress over it at all. If I see the scale jump one day, I just shrug it off and chug some water, no biggie.

I reached exactly 96 lbs this morning, I've been close to this mark but always a couple ounces shy, so it was nice to see this pop up on the scale this morning! I'm hoping to get these last 4 lbs off by or on the 21st, to help celebrate my 33rd birthday! Just seems like a fun goal so I'll be working extra hard (finally) this weekend and next week! I feel like once I reach this 100 lb goal I will feel accomplished, even though 96 lbs is a huge accomplishment. It's not about the weight, it's about keeping a goal promise to myself. I always fall through on goals I set for myself, always. I have rarely ever completed a big goal, especially a long term goal. So doing this will show me that I can set long term goals and crush them.

Last night I decided to go for a very short 1 mile run... outside. It was 7pm and 94º with 29% humidity, for some reason it sounded not too bad (we've been in the 115-117º lately, so this was nothing compared to those temps). Man, it killed me but I actually beat my 1 mile PR by 16 seconds! What?! In the heat, I managed to beat a PR... crazy. I think my treadmill 30/30 training has helped me a ton! If it were cooler, I could only imagine I would have gotten in the 13 min pace for sure. My mile was 14:13, my last PR was 14:29. I was holding a 14:09 for most of the run up until the last lap, then the heat really started to get to me and I slowed down when I was doing my walking intervals.

What is even better, when I did my 14:29 mile, I ran the whole thing, no walking. Last night when I did my 1 mile run, I did a 30/30 interval and still beat my PR... so I was faster with a walking break than I was straight running. AWESOME! I thought walking breaks would slow me down, but they didn't. This gives me big confidence for my half marathon in January, I just need to stick with a running routine during the week and not just once a week... if that. I don't officially start training for my half until October, so I will be doing that outside and not on the treadmill... hopefully! If the heat isn't bad in the morning, fingers crossed. We got married on October 20th back in 2007, it was warm!

Here's to a good week ahead, hope everyone is doing great!!

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