July 1st Progress (late to post)

Finally, I have a chance to do a progress pic! It's been a busy few days and to be honest, I've been relaxing and enjoying my time away from My Fitness Pal and just living life a bit. Needed a break and now I'm refreshed and ready to work on some new goals!

Even though I started my weight loss journey in August, I didn't start tracking measurements until October 1st. Since then, I'm down 37" all over, mostly in my waist, hips, and bust. Though my thighs have shrunk a lot (around 4" in each thigh). My hips and chest have shrunk almost 10" in each area. Woot!

Goal... I mentioned I decided to set some. Here they are:
  • Reach 199 lbs by hopefully Halloween (that is about 4 months and 21 lbs to lose)
  • Reach 180 lbs by Valentines Day (about 19 lbs after my first goal)
  • Reach 160 lbs by my 34th Birthday - June 21st (about 20 lbs from my second goal) I may stop at 180 lbs though... not sure yet.
I think these are reasonable goals! I'm taking in "20 lbs at a time" right now and honestly, if I don't reach them by the dates I set... I don't care. I'm just focusing on these mini goals for the last wave of my weight loss. If it ends up taking me a year to lose 20 lbs, that's fine! I would love to seen "one-derland" by my 34th Birthday though (June 21st), that would be really neat!


  1. I so excited! I think I want to try to do it with you! I'm all inspired and excited and thinking why not? It's nice to have a buddy to do things with!!!! How tall are you, Jess? I'm a hair under 5'10". You look tall too. :)

    1. How fun! I'm 5'7", so kinda tall not really lol!! I need to get my butt in gear, I've slacked ALL week, I swear I feel like I gained 5 lbs lol! Not going to stress though, just new focus and keep moving! We can do it!!!


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