Hello, August...

It's been 2 days shy of a month since I've posted on Runs for Coffee! I'm back!! I took all of July off, completely. No running, no walking, no food tracking, and no guilt. I am rusty and I am coming back refreshed, I am also returning to my journey with a new focus. I maintained through the summer and actually did pretty good! I did have a slight gain and have been bouncing in between 3-7 lbs... and that is awesome!

Tonight was the first day back to running and man was I out of shape. Not to mention the heat, so tired of the Arizona heat. I ran indoors on my treadmill but was still hot from playing around in the garden this afternoon. I wasn't fast at all and only ran part of the mile I did, but it felt great! I forgot the rush I feel after running and walking. I feel more awake this evening than I have all through July.

My new focus is not weight, I had mentioned that I was going to not worry about the scale after I hit 100 lbs and I'm sticking with that plan. I am in an XL tee (from 3x, some were 4x) and I'm in an 18 jeans with room (was a a tight 26). I'm comfortable, I'm happy, and I'm in love with my body and size. I have decided to focus on my running, eating healthy, feeling healthy, and that is all. If I stay in an XL & 18 size the rest of my life... I'm more than happy with that! If I lose more weight, of course that is awesome too but just an extra reward.

I am so behind on my virtual runs... I did none last month so I have THREE to do this month. I started the Hot Summer K's (1k a day for 10 days straight, I'm doing 1 mile a day). Started that tonight! Next up I'm either doing the Full Moon Challenge or the Cowabunga 5k, gotta get those two done since I have the medal sitting in their shippers. I refuse to touch them till I get them finished!

Real talk now...

Losing weight was exhausting, it's no joke. One thing I never brought up on the blog was an obsession that formed, I became obsessed with the scale. There were days were I would hoover over the scale first the in the morning until I saw a number change... even if that meant coming back to the scale a handful of times in the hour, it was bad. I never admitted it on the blog because I didn't "think" it was a problem. Since the beginning of July, I have only looked at the scale twice... only twice! I have learned that the scale does not defy how my mood is, it did not affect my day, and I was able to relax. Now, I do still like the idea of a daily weigh in, it kept me on track but it was exhausting to have that feeling I need to check the scale before I do anything each morning.

Am I going to focus on the scale right now? Nope, I have zero interest in seeing what the numbers are right now. If my cloths feel tight, then I know I need to tighten the rope on my eating, if they feel loose... then something is working. Maybe I'll take a peek once a month... or maybe not, I dunno yet.

I'm not sure if I mentioned on the blog in the past, but I read tarot. My new motivation for my health is keep a clear head and clear chakras so I can focus better on my tarot reading with my clients. Yes, I just pulled the "woo" card, I'm all about the woo lol!! You can see my tarot "life" on IG here under @tarotseed (and my blog/website - tarotseed.com). Anyways, that is my motivation right now. Maybe I'll share more about that down the road on my blog, not sure. For now though, I'll be sticking with my health journey and running! :)

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