New month is finally here and this is the month where I crack down to start working on my half marathon training... oh boy! I am going to be spending a lot of catch up time this month with virtual runs and getting back into the habit of running and walking, as well as healthy eating. I'm treating this month as a "have to" and not a "want to". I have already found myself slipping into old habits and I really need to put a stop to them before they get hard to break (like junk food, overeating... and fast food, it's back).

New goals for September:

✖︎ Drink lots of water!
✖︎ Walk every morning with Maggie (my Golden Retriever)
✖︎ Focus on healthy eating vs. calories

Virtual Runs:

✖︎ Catch up on: Hot Summer K's - Cowabunga 5k
✖︎ New ones: Full Moon ChallengeBeat the Blerch!

I found out today that I'm not behind on the Full Moon Challenge, it goes on till the end of September! Woot! I need to look at my old planner to see what is coming up that I registered for though, I do remember having a real race in October!

So, what is my plan of attack for "Phase 2" of my health journey... tomorrow I will be weighing in for the new month, this may not look pretty but I have stayed in a size 18 jeans (with room) and XL tee (also, with room) for two months, so it can't be that bad! Right?! My first goal will be to catch up to 220 lbs if I need to, then I will begin my main goal of getting to one-derland! If I had to guess, I would say getting there would be (hopefully) 30 lbs or less, depending on the damage I did, haha! I'll also be taking measurements for the new month and progress pictures.

Today I picked up a new health planner, it's by Happy Planner... like my other one, but this one is made for health and fitness! I already set up September and the first week, will work on the rest of Septembers weekly pages this weekend. As weird as it is, a new planner gets me super motivated and I haven't been this excited to get back on track in months! Hence, why I haven't gotten back on track, haha!

Hopefully this means I will be checking in on the blog more often, at least once a week... or more! I would like to check in daily, but we will see how that goes. Like I mentioned in the last post... a month ago, I have been very active in other areas in my life right now so I need to make my health a focus again, even if it's just for mental clarity.

Here's to a new month!


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  2. Love the new planner. I have been thinking of getting something like that. Where did you get it?

  3. Confession: I keep checking to see you in Blerch merch!!!!

    1. lol!! I'm hoping to do my virtual run this week (if not Friday)!! I've been SO slacking on my running, I confess lol!


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