Beat the Blerch 5k

What is this?! A new post, gasp!... and a finished virtual race! I haven't completed a virtual run or race since JUNE on my birthday. It's been way too long and this one was brutal, one of the hardest I've done. I'm getting over a sinus infection to top it off so I just walked this 4k (though I add some running bursts in during the last lap, and they felt good). I had a hiccup on this race though, I only did 3 miles on the dot and didn't realize it until I walked through the front door, I was kicking myself. BUT, I did take my dog out for a walk that was 1/3 a mile right before... so I don't feel as guilty.

Time: 49:20
Average Pace: 16:27 min/mi

I'm super proud I did this, I'm way behind on some other virtual races and plan to hopefully catch up by the end of November. I have the Cowabunga 5k, Jog for Juggs 5k, Hot Summer K's.... I' so close to having this done and keep having to start over since I skip a day... and the Full Moon Challenge, ugh! I will get them done, not worried. I just need to get back in the habit of running again and take it slow so I'm aiming for a mile a day to help me get back into the swing of things and running. I'm starting my intervals at a 15/45 walk/run right now, 30/30 is rough for me lol!

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