Hot Summer K's Challenge

Finally, a medal is being posted on the blog (and a post)! I have been really bad at keeping up my blog, I just have so many other things I'm doing (and other blogs) that I just keep pushing this one aside.

A couple weeks ago I finally earned my Hot Summer K's Challenge medal with the help of my dog, we used her morning walks as the challenge. I did two laps each morning (1k) and earned this one, I restarted this challenge a million times as silly as that sounds. I am still behind on my other virtual races but I'm hoping to finish them up before the year is done... so we will see!

I'm still having trouble staying focused but I have been maintaining fairly well, I'm only about 17 lbs up from my lowest of 220 which isn't bad but I'm now trying to get back down to the 220 weight, I'm just much more comfortable there. I would like to get to 200 but I'm not pushing myself right now.

Last night I set up my meals in MFP and also set up my health planner for the new week, hoping I can stick to it again like before and get back on track. I had a bad flu bug last week and was throwing up for 24 hours, that was a detox for sure lol! I still haven't had a big appetite since, so it's helped me slide back into into my eating habits again (the good ones)!

Lately I have felt massively bloated but my water intake has been in the trash, so I know that is the main issue. This week I'm making it my job to drink water! I've been really bad at drinking water, some days I'll go without a sip, it's bad. I really wish I could get my running mojo back, I know it will come again soon but I just wish it were back already. At night I keep planning to run in the morning and tell myself to just get dressed and do it, but then by morning I forget all about it and eh, just walk. BUT walking is better than nothing! Walking is how I started in the first place on my health journey, so maybe just walking will get my running mojo back after all!

I have been reading a ton lately! I even started a reading blog where I can spill my thoughts onto... let's face it, I start a blog for everything, not joking lol! It's an addiction, I swear lol! I love creating websites/blogs, start them, and then one day I leave them. I think it's the fun of setting up the graphics and such. Anyways, if your a reader and like book blogs, you can find it at The Bookish Ghost!

I'm not going to make any promises this time, but hopefully I'll be back on this blog soon with another post! I should make it a "must do" at least once a week.

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