Monday Log - 11/28

I'm going to try to do a "once a day" post on how my day went through the weekdays and then a weekend recap on Sundays or Mondays. I might try to make it a new evening ritual! Don't judge me if I don't keep it up haha!!

Today went well, it was my first day back on track after a 4 month crazy binge and somewhat hiatus. I did post form time to time but didn't stick around long enough to post a follow up, so hopefully this will get me back in the habit with blogging. I tend to start a new blog for everything I do, hobby wise, maybe one day I'll just have one blog for everything.. ya.

I ran out earlier today and picked up a new mini Happy Planner so I can start using one again, but sadly it's only set up for 2017 so I'm going to start it in January. Happy Planner was a huge thing for me when I was working on my 100 lb loss, I kept track of all my health goals in there and it really motivated me. I use a Midori for my life planning stuff but I want to keep health stuff separate.

Movement // I took my dog for a 1 mile walk this morning after I dropped my daughter off at school. After dinner we all took Maggie for a walk around the block, I actually ran a bit with her too, it felt SO good! I think I may go running in the morning (I always say that)!

Eating // My eating was on point, I even felt stuffed even though I stuck with my meals logged and tracked and weighed everything. This morning I had a small and quick meal of just iced coffee, a large orange, and a protein bar.

Lunch was a leftover green onion & garlic chicken sausage, fresh cut carrots, cashews, and a Babybel cheese. Followed later by a snack of Buddha Bowl popcorn (love this stuff so much, one of my favorites) and an iced coffee. I'm really proud of myself for not drinking a pot of coffee today, no joke. I was also sure to keep my water bottle filled and drinking all day!

I was really worried that I would binge after lunch, once I start eating it's hard to stop munching after that for me. It's like I let the flood gates open and it's all over from there. But, I didn't binge!!! For dinner we were planning on chicken but then it didn't look too great (even though we just bought it yesterday) so we opted to through in a thin crust pizza... not the best choice but it was within my "budget" and I ended up eating less of it than I planned, score!

Today was very successful! I'm so proud of myself for completing a full good day with no binging!

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