Tuesday Log - 11/29

Another successful day in the books, day two went well! I didn't go for a mile walk this morning but we did get two laps in, I had to run some errands this morning. My eating was on point, no binges! I set up my new mini Happy Planner for December, had to print out some blank inserts so I can use this planner now rather than start it in January.

I'll do my first of the month weigh in and determine my goal for this month and so on after that. Ido daily weigh in's just to keep me on track (I did it through the whole 100 lbs lost portion) but I only count my Friday's as my official weigh days, hence the little scale stamps.

Movement // I did pretty well, not my best since I shortened my morning walk and skipped the evening walk. My right knee has been giving me issues all day and I think I must have slept on it weird or something, I can't remember doing anything with it otherwise.

Eating // I did awesome! I pre-planned my meals last night for today and stuck to my "plan" all day, had a few stray snacks of cashews and an orange but nothing bad. I made sure I picked good choices if I were going to snack.

Breakfast was a big bowl of strawberries, I can't not only eat a few. Lunch was a finger food style plate with turkey, carrots, cottage cheese, babybel, and cashews. Then for a snack I had that orange and iced coffee (and had coffee this morning). Followed by dinner, a soft chicken taco made by my husband. It was good! I can eat taco's any day, all day - they are my favorite lol!

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