Today was my "official" first day back with running, I set a goal to do a simple one mile run/walk and told myself to start out slow, no matter how slow I felt I was going. Slow progress is progress! I decided to do a 30 sec run / 3 min walk, I ended up running 4 times through this mile and was shocked at my ending pace, I thought I would for sure be in the 18 min range but I ended up at a 16:42 min pace, what?! I was very pleased with this pace even though it was slower than hell, I'm not too far off track than I was when I started pace wise... run wise, I'm very far off lol!

I took Maggie with me this morning for three reasons:

1. She needs to be walked anyways
2. This 1 mile run/walk may wear her out good and give me a break today (she is crazy hyper)
3. I had no choice, she had to go with me, no way was I going to do a second walk after this!

I'm hoping it gets better, she was a bit crazy. She is always crazy on walks, she will do really well on some days and then just off the wall on others... today she was plain crazy. Chasing birds, wanting people in the street to pet her, chewing her leash and trying to pull me down with her... it was exhausting, I'm sure I burned more calories just with dealing with her lol!

Right now she is running the Boston Marathon in the house - living room to dining room and repeat... even after a 1 mile run/walk!

Anyways! I'm breaking up the Full Moon Challenge in 1 mile increments and using my run/walk days for it! So today was 1 mile down and 6.5 to go to earn my medal - that has been sitting in original package it arrived in, for months now! I saw on the website that the goal is to complete it by the end of December, I'm not behind on this one after all! Woot!

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