Distracted but Driven

So yesterday was my run day and it was a rough one! I'm stuck on the treadmill until winter break is over since I run in the morning and my 7 year old is home. Within a 1 mile run, I was interrupted by the dog and my daughter three times. All I wanted was 15 minutes in the morning, that was it, but they had other plans. I was holding a steady 15:12 min pace and was feeling good, then the first interruption happened and I slipped on my pace, then the second interruption and I lost my mojo. By the third interruption, I was already about to throw the towel in but finished the mile anyways... then forgot to stop my Garmin after I was done for a couple minutes. I ended with a 16:15 pace.

A mile is a mile, no matter how fast or slow though!

Tomorrow is my run day again and I'm hoping to start earlier around 6 am. I started the Galloway C25K plan since it lines up with what I'm currently doing. I've been stuck on what to work on since I obviously threw the half marathon training out the window a couple months ago when I lost my running mojo but I want to be somewhat prepared even though I plan on walking nearly all of the half. I'll be focusing on my current interval of 10/30 sec (was at a 8/30) until I feel good and will bump it to a 15/30 interval. I'm signing up for my 5k goal race for this training and it will be the Cookies & Milk 5k in March! I did this race earlier this year and it was so fun, such a great course and entertainment. I'm so excited! My goal is to beat my 5k PR of 47:12(or at least beat this years time I did at that race, which was 48:00), I would love to see 45 minutes on this finishing time, so we will see!

I saw some people post their 2016 in review on the FFTFL FB group so I decided to do my own!

  • 19 - 5k
  • 1 - 10k
  • 2 - Challenges
  • 1 mile: 14:12
  • 5k: 47:12
  • 10k: 1:41:16

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