Farmers Market and Morning Run!

This morning I got up at 5:30 to go do my Jogging for Juggs 5k (last virtual run for 2016) but my dog had other plans, she was a pain in the butt, big time. So I had to wait for my husband to get up to keep an eye on her, but that turned into 7 am.... since we are going to the farmers market this morning, I opted to do a 1 mile run/walk instead. Planning on doing my 5k on Monday morning instead, much easier! 

I beat my pace for the month since getting back into running! Woot! Earlier this week my best pace was 16:28 on Wednesday, this morning I did 15:43! I did the same 8/30 sec run/walk but my legs felt stronger this morning, I'm hoping that is a sign that I'm getting my leg muscles back lol!

Today Miss Maggie got groomed for the first time and I can't believe how soft she is! They did such a great job, just in time for the holidays. I took my daughter by the pet store so she could pick up a new toy and treat for Maggie for xmas, too cute! We also grabbed some of her favorite treats by Happy Tails Barkey from the farmers market this morning as well. Spoiled dog! Now at least she looks like a million bucks when I take her for walks, she was getting pretty rough lol!!

The farmers market was great this morning, some new vendors as well. We picked up a ton of tangelo's and found a fruit stand near our house on the way home from the groomers that we stopped into. Picked up pink grapefruit, lemons, and some local desert flower honey (so good)!

I splurged a bit today (and last night for dinner) but I'm back on track for dinner tonight. Sometimes you gotta let it go and enjoy a bit! We went to Red Robin for dinner last night and oddly enough I was lower on the scale this morning, I was shocked lol! I'm thinking something light for dinner tonight to offset the Mexican food we had for lunch.

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