Full Moon Challenge, done!

Finally, I finished the Full Moon Challenge 12k. We were able to break it up into as many runs, walks, or crawls as we wanted or we could do the whole thing. I opted to break it up and finally earned this medal!

I took Maggie out on a 1 mile walk this morning after a quick run to Target with my mom, she offered to buy me Starbucks... I'm out of coffee till tonight, so yes, I met her there! It's rest day today and I hate rest days, I always want to go out and run but I don't because I know how important rest days are and how good I feel the next day after I take one. So I'll be just cleaning the rest of the day and will opt for an after dinner walk tonight with Maggie again.

Yesterday went great! No binges, no extra snacking, I did really well with my focus. I'm determined to see the 230's again and I saw 239 this morning! Hoping I can duplicate yesterday's eating and do well again today. One thing I have noticed is that I'm not gaining after a run day, I used to gain the next day and I haven't had that issue, yay! I've been doing good on my water intake so I think that is really helping. I need to catch up on my water by lunch time today, I'm still on my first bottle fill (I fill it three times to get 100 oz in a day). I'm about 16 oz away from finishing this bottle though!

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