Galloway 5k Training

A few had asked me what Galloway plan I'm using, so I thought I would share! It's from Jeff Galloways book "The Run-Walk-Run Method", it's a fantastic book! Since I'm currently averaging a mile pace between 15:00 and 16:00, I started at an 8/30 sec interval and am now working with a 10/30 interval. I have tried to jump right back into my 30/30 and it just isn't happening, I burn out after one lap and have to walk the last two. Usually you will do a "miracle mile" to get your pace for the Galloway but I need someone to help me with it so I can focus and I have no one, so I'm going with my average. It's all explained in his book and on his website.

Sometimes taking a step back sucks but you have to remember it's a journey, not a race! Also, I don't want any injuries due to my ego, so taking a step back is needed. Even though I've done lots of 5k's, I've never fully trained for one and stuck with it. I need a challenge going into 2017 so I decided to finally dedicate myself to it.

I made two adjustment to the original plan in his book:
  • I run mon - wens - fri, instead of the tues - thurs - sat. I always like to start my week with a running day, it gets my week going! 
  • I skipped ahead to week 2 and doubled it for week 1 since that is where I am at anyways. The original first week was 10-13 min run days and it was too short for me since I'm already doing about 16-30 min runs. 
My ending 5k race for this training ends on week 11 and I will be doing my race the next day instead of Friday, the Cookies & Milk 5k was the closest to this date (on a Sunday)! I already mentioned my goals for this race, but I'll put them here so they are all together.

Goals for this training:
  • Beat 2016's Cookies & Milk 5k time of 48:00
  • Beat my current PR of 47:03
  • Stretch Goal: Do a 45:00 5k!

This morning I finished week 1 of the training. Stuck to a 10/30 sec interval like planned and did 1.5 miles. Wanted to get these miles under 25 min and did just that! I sweat so much more on the treadmill than outside, even with 2 fans on me. I'm soaked!

Also, I got my new Lucky Rings temporary wedding band to wear until I get my rings resized smaller! They were literally falling off so bad that I didn't even notice a couple weeks ago, I found one on the living rug and freaked. My wedding set consists of three rings and those rubber sizer things wouldn't work for them so they are now sitting in the safe until we get them sized after the holidays. I have to say, I really like this ring though, I don't even feel it and it fits perfect! My wedding rings were a 10 and my fingers got up to a size 12 when I was at my heaviest (my ring finger hurt) and this new ring is an 8!

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