Goodbye Christmas!

Man, yesterday was great but not so great on the eating side lol! I had so much chocolate... and mini donuts... and mini cinnamon rolls... and junk. I literally binged on Hershey's Kisses all day yesterday, even when we got home. I had a healthy lunch and dinner though, but so much candy! I thought for sure I would be feeling it this morning... but I was actually DOWN on the scale from Friday, what?! I'll take it, not going to question it lol!

Christmas was awesome though! I got some great (and needed) gifts from family, so grateful. I even got some running related gifts too! My mom made me a fleece throw with running fabric!!! I adore it pieces. I got a running journal, which I have been wanting for ages, and found out I could swap out the cover so naturally I did it this morning with some scrapbook paper I had and a sticker I printed out with the Zip printer my mom has. Now I love it even more!

This morning I downed 20oz of water, had my iced coffee and jumped on the treadmill for Week 2 - Day 2 of the 5k training. It was a super short 16 min run/walk and even though I sped up the speed for both my walking and running intervals, my pace was way slower. Gotta love treadmill running, can't wait to be back on the street after this week. Maybe all this treadmill running and walking will help my speed when I hit the streets!

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