Midweek Hustle

Best pace for December so far! This morning I tried out a new interval of 8/30 sec run/walk and it felt really good! Even though I was only running for 8 sec and a time, I felt like I was running a lot more but didn't feel like I was. Jeff Galloway is truly a genius, he always says to start walking before you get tired and that was exactly how this interval felt. At the 8 sec mark I felt like I could go two more seconds before feeling tired, but then when I did the walking portion I could tell that I would have been exhausted quick if I had.

I am doing my last virtual 5k on Friday and I'm torn on whether I want to use this interval or not, I may use it for the first mile and see how I feel. I'm just so excited to see some pace progress after taking months off. I really can feel that I will be back to where I was soon, even if it takes a month or so. Progress, not perfection.

Other than my morning run/walk, I took Maggie out after for a 1 mile walk. Today's miles totaled 2.2 (so far) and I am less than 1/2 a mile in completing the Full Moon Challenge 12k!!! I missed miles for this challenge on Monday since I did the Cowabunga 5k, so those miles were for for that, not this challenge. I'm taking Maggie out for a 1 mile walk after dinner in hopes to curb my after dinner binges, and I will be able to finally earn that medal!! Yay!

Lately I have been munching directly after dinner, no matter how full I am, I go right back into the kitchen and make a snack. I know it's not hunger... I just ate, it's eating out of boredom and habit, so I'm hoping to redirect that binge feeling towards a walk.

I'll leave you with lunch, so good! I've been on an orange kick and can't get enough of them.

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