Memories, Firsts, and Walls

As I pinned my Jogging for the Juggs 5k bib on my board I had some emotions flood over me. My bib board is filled, thanks to a year full of memories, firsts, and walls hit. There are struggles on this board and their are some amazing milestones I reached. My medal rack is full and heavy, I'm surprised it's still on the wall as we didn't mount it properly, haha! But this rack also holds some precious memories of my journey. I'm excited to see what 2017 brings, what goals I will crush, and what things I may stumble on.

I have been working on some 2017 goals, like last year I wanted goals that are attainable and realistic. For 2016 I wanted to lose 100 lbs, I did that. I wanted to fit in a booth at a restaurant, I can with lots of room. I wanted to finish a 10k, that was done too!

For 2017, I have some goals and here they are:

  • Finish a half marathon
  • Get my 5k timing under 45 minutes
  • Reach "onederland"
  • Do a 13 min mile
  • Do the Hot Chocolate 15k
  • Complete 24 races (both virtual and live)

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