Motivation, yup!

Last night, Bob and I watched "From Fat to Finish Line" and it totally inspired me to get back to running! I loved the documentary, it was motivational, tear jerking, and raw. I have been wanting to see it for ages, so glad it is on Netflix now. 

My plan was to wake up this morning and go running... I set up a new watch face on my Garmin and was all set. Woke up, freezing and still have a bad knee... so no running. Ugh! I thought about getting a knee wrap but I think it's just the cold weather and my joints getting used to the change. Seems we went from 100º to 50º overnight lol! I'm a desert dweller, anything under 60º is freezing to me lol!

I'm currently reading the book Scythe by Neal Shusterman and loving it! Reading has been my snacking habit replacement, I think it's a great replacement too!

I'm really glad I have the motivation back to work on my health, I haven't been 100% but I would say I'm been a strong 90% and that alone is a good start! Seeing the water weight drop on the scale this past week has been motivating in itself, even if it's the water weight... weight, is weight, right?!

My new mini Happy Planner is working out perfect, just like my old larger one, but I love this size a lot more. My December print outs are far from perfect, so I'll ditch them once January starts lol

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