New Year, New Planner!

With 2017 right around the corner, I wanted to start a new planner and try out something a bit different. I ended up going with a mini Happy Planner (I used a regular size last time) and it's the fitness one, but I changed things around since I don't paper track my food (I use MFP). Can I just say, I'm so excited for 2017 and this planner! I'm using it now with some printable undated pages for December, until January starts, I hate my printed pages to pieces, I cut them so bad lol!

Since there was a lot of questions on a FB group I'm in, I thought I would post about it! Here is a breakdown of what I'm using and links (I'm not an affiliate or anything, these are just to help you if your interested):

Washi tape and stickers are from all over, but most fitness stickers are from these (minus the race ones).

My weekly set up, I've added a bit since this picture but it's still pretty much the same. The top row is for my daily weigh in (I weigh daily to keep an eye on my water retention and such, works for me but it's not for everyone) and my Friday weigh days. The middle row is for motivation and inspirations (stickers, quotes, etc). The last row is for my running events, races, etc. The exercise row is for my actual running (miles, time, pace, intervals, etc). I changed the "calorie" row to "steps" since I like to see those each day (I transfer from my Fitbit, I also added an actual "steps" sticker over the stamping I did since this pic).

I like to see my weekly goals and since there isn't room on the side for them, I plan to write them on a moveable notecard that is punched. I didn't take a pic, but I will eventually. It lists my weekly goals of water intake, miles to run, etc. I also tend to keep track of my water on Fitbit but I want to be able to check off the water area as well so I left that as is. Each bubble will be 10oz of my water goal since it's 100oz. Works perfectly!

I'll talk more on my 2017 goals soon!


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    1. Hi! I just added a "follow by email" link to the right sidebar under my picture. Hope that works! :)


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