Planner Week 12/26-1/1

I'm starting something new on my blog, it's a planner post since there is much interest about how I set up my planner and what I do with it to help me with my weight loss and health goals! Since this is the first post, I will share my whole planner with you guys and the extra pages I have added.

First off, I'll share my weekly pages! My planner starts on a Monday and I prefer Monday start planners best because I can see the full week ahead, rather than have to turn the page to see Sunday.

I've covered up quite a bit on the weekly layout since I don't log food on paper (I use My Fitness Pal).  I use washi tape for all this! The side bar had "breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner - calories - exercise" for each section. I basically used the layout it came with, but using each section for what I need instead:

First row - weigh in's, I do daily weigh in's so I can see the fluctuations day to day and see what effects me, etc. I do an official weigh every Friday and log it into MFP to stay consistent. 
Second Row - Free space! I add motivation, notes, stickers, goals, etc. 
Third Row - My daily running or workout for the week. I'm doing a 5k training plan right now so I am keeping track of what I need to do each day there. I also keep this space for race events, so everything running or moving goes in this row. 
Steps - I keep track of my daily steps here instead of the calories. I like to see my daily steps on paper, it's fun! 
Fourth Row - More free space! I was going to write down what I actually did for my workouts or running but it felt repetitive and I'm currently using a running journal for all that (pace, time, distance, etc) 
Water - I normally track my water with my FitBit app but I thought I would also try to note it here for reference, we'll see if it gets used. If not, I'll washi tape this space in the future probably. 
So this is basically my weekly set up! I'll be sharing each week's spread on the blog, maybe on Tuesdays since it seems to be a slow day for me (rest day too).

This week I started Week 2 of my 5k training plan, it's slow but I'm sticking with it. I'm also doing the El's Run 5k virtual run on the 1st to kick off the new year! I already got the medal in the mail and it's sitting in the package waiting for me!

Now on to the rest of my planner, I'm sure I posted this before but I want to keep it all together. I will keep this link in my "links" page in the left side bar of my blog!

The front of my planner looks like this, it's my vision board for 2017! The clear sheets are by Mambi, I like how I can move pictures around and add new ones. I just cut up an old Runner's World magazine and added stickers to the images.

Then I have my weight vision board! I wanted to make it fun this coming year as I head towards "onederland". I still need to figure out some rewards, I'm horrible with rewards lol!

After that I made a page for my 5k training plan I'm currently using. It's by Jeff Galloway and I love everything he does. I have been using the Galloway method for all of my running journey and have yet to injure myself... yet... *knock on wood*! My ending 5k goal race is to do the Cookies & Milk 5k again this coming year, it was fun in 2016! 

Then I have my monthly spread, it's nothing too exciting like my weekly layouts. I don't do too much on my monthly since I like to have a clear picture of what is going on for the month. I don't keep any "life events or my daughters school stuff in this planner, it's strictly for my health. I have a separate planner for just that stuff. I keep track of upcoming races mostly on the monthly page, as well as my 1st of the month weigh in for records. For January I'm doing a 1st of the year weigh in, that's why there is two this month.

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