Rest Day!

Rest day! Took Miss Maggie on a walk, we aimed for 30 min bit made is 22 min before she was done, all the bird chasing wore her out lol! I got a mile in though, so I'm happy. I never know what to expect distance wise when I walk her, sometimes I'll be lucky if I get in a half mile. She is still working on her walking skills for sure, hard to steer a 70 lb puppy when all she wants to do is pick up trash in the street (which makes me cringe in general, why do people liter SO much?!), chase birds, and demand everyone she sees to rub her belly. She makes a bad guard dog lol!

Today's mile was added to the Full Moon Challenge I'm doing, I'm at 4.92 miles and only 2.58 to go till I earn that medal. I originally planned on doing this challenge in two segments, but after falling back on running, I settled on small increments instead.

I'm still working on my goals for 2017 but I'll say this, I'm beyond excited to crush these goals. They are all doable, but also require a lot of effort to reach. I don't like making unrealistic goals, they only depress me at the end of the year. Looking at my running goal list now, I'm not doing bad! This list wasn't for a year, it was just overall goals I want to reach down the road and I only have two more to go!!

  • Shop in the women's section and not the plus size section (almost there)
  • Fit more comfortably in restaurant booths
  • Not have to use a seatbelt extender on a plane
  • Be able to hike and enjoy it
  • No more feet pain! Pain free as of 10/14/15!
  • Do a 5k - Did my first virtual 5k in December 2015!

I can't wait to post my 2017 goals though! Some are races I want to do, some are weight goals but not specific numbers. 

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