Running, back to basics?

Tonight I decided to finally go out on a 1 mile run/walk... I aimed for one mile, I should say. I tried to do my regular 30/30 interval and that went horribly wrong, I was out of breath by the time I could get to the 1/4 mile mark, then at that half time I was dying (or so I thought). It's been a couple months since I really ran, so this was hard. I'm way out of shape but now I'm determined even more to get back to where I was, even if it takes me a couple weeks to months to get there.

I didn't finish the mile, I stopped at the .62 mark (one lap shy of a mile). I felt like a quitter and I was pretty upset but I was having a hard time breathing so I had to listen to my body.

On a positive side, I got out there and tried my best after sitting on the couch for months. I have to pat myself on the back for that! I am planning to focus on a running routine of mon - wens - fri and may pull my ratio to either a 15/45 or even a 15/60 for a while and see how it goes. I was looking back at my older posts in March when I started really doing intervals and I started out at a 30 sec / 3 min interval, so if that is what I have to do... I'll do it!

My eating has been good over the weekend, I did have some extra snacks in there so I need to focus on that this coming week. I really feel like I'm back in action, just need to get back in action with running, it means so much to me and I enjoy it so much.

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