Treadmill Night!

This morning I skipped my morning run/walk and went to visit my parents to wrap gifts, I decided to use the dreadmill tonight instead since it's been a while since I've been on it! I used it more in the late spring, but I'm so grateful I have it now since I'm a big wuss and it's cold out lol! You know your a desert rat when anything under 70º is cold, it's been chilly in the mornings (45ºish) and the days have been gorgeous! It's 72º out right now and just perfect.

I spent some time in my "office/running/craft" room this afternoon looking at my medals. I remember each one and where I was at on my journey when I earned them. Sometimes I'm amazed at what I have done when I think I haven't gotten very far. To think that even walking was a struggle due to my plantar fasciitis and weight, to running and walking many 5's and one 10k. To think I will be completing my first half marathon next month.

Five years ago, if you would have told me I would be doing a half marathon down the road, I would have laughed in your face. No matter how slow, how much pain I feel, and how much I may want to quit while doing these 13.1 miles... I will push through and cross that finish line, I promise that to myself. It's not about time or how I look while out there on the road, it's about coming home that day with a medal around my neck and memories that I can tell my friends and family. I am so excited to earn my 13.1 and even though I say that this will be the only one I do, I have a feeling I will be seeing another one down the road... so time will tell, let's just get past this one first, haha!

I may have mentioned that reading has become a major binge helper, I read about 7 books last month (I blame the election for that stress factor though, I needed a good escape). Last night I finished the book Scythe by Neal Shusterman... SO good! If you like YA books, read it, it was great! I started Last Seen Leaving by Caleb Roehrig last night and really liking it. Reading at night has also helped me steer clear of binging after dinner in bed.

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