Walking, Clothes, and 2017

This week I increased my walking a lot more, I'm not increasing the distance or anything just increasing how much I go out to walk. Maggie has been my partner and loving it, obviously lol! I have been trying to make it a goal to take her for a walk before lunch each day, I always go after I get back from the morning school drop off. Usually I let her play out in the grass by the mailboxes before lunch, so we are now walking on top of that!

My Maggie turns 11 months next week, what?! My "little" 70 lb puppy who I want to strangle cuddle daily!

I finally got some new shirts in the mail today after ordering them on the 18th of November. My first order got lost in the DHL warehouse, so the shirt shop replaced them for free, then this package took a while to get to me but it landed finally! I haven't been buying any new clothes at all but since I know I will be in an XL for a while, I caved and ordered a few. I'm just so tired of wearing the same three shirts all the time.

I'm totally sporting the plants one now! I would like to replace my old shirt that says "Run Like Never Before" since it's worn like crazy, so I may order that after xmas.

2017 is coming! I have some big plans now that I'm back on track and fully motivated! I'm so glad I'm back at it too!

Some of my goals will be working towards getting back to my 220 weight, then to keep going till I reach onederland, this is my year and I can feel it! I can do it and I'm excited! I'm also going to work on my running, even harder than before. I really want to fully focus in running and give it my all (slowly that is, not going to hurt myself or anything).

I've been thinking about planners and what I want to use for the new year. I have used a Happy Planner for nearly all of my 100 lb loss and I want something different (even though I just picked up a mini Happy Planner, I'm just not digging it). So... I am going to pick up a second Midori and all new inserts just for my health goals and running. I'm excited about using this since I adore my "life" Midori to pieces! I'm just hoping I can get it all ordered before the new year arrives, but I have a feeling I won't be starting it until a week or so into January, bummer!

I'll be doing a proper "2017 Goal" post soon after I sit down and work on them!

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