I'm so glad the weekend is over, I rarely say that, but I was really looking forward to a new week of running lol! I didn't run a ton over the weekend at all, just a 1 mile on the treadmill on Saturday with two short (super short) running intervals. I also took Maggie for a walk, but that was it. I took Sunday off completely... shark week hit Friday, so ya, motivation down the drain lol! I really wanted to just stay in bed all weekend.

The one thing I did do this weekend was clean! I cleaned a TON! I think I did around 8 loads of laundry (we had piles it seemed, and a lot got purged) and cleaned up several rooms. We have family coming over on the 23rd for an early birthday for my mom, she is a xmas eve baby,  so I want the house spotless. I was up before bed scrubbing down the kitchen, I wanted to kitchen spotless for today so that I had zero excuses for eating healthy. Sometimes when the kitchen is a mess and dishes need to be done, I scrap healthy eating and opt for what is quick and available in the fridge... ends up being something through a drive thru. So I wanted to prevent that this week even though I've made it to over 2 weeks of zero fast food (so mad I broke my 1 year streak).

My eating was pretty on point, I did binge a tiny bit on cookies Saturday night... and yet another cookie on Sunday night lol! I don't think I will be keeping any more Lenny & Larry cookies on hand, they are too dangerous for me. But overall, I did awesome and even with the cookie binges, I was still in good solid ground calorie wise so I didn't stress it. Though my stomach was a disaster Friday night, a mi of cramps and something not agreeing with me kept me up until midnight, it was horrible.

This week, I have a plan... I feel like I'm always saying that when it comes to running, I'm a Gemini through and through, I never stick to one thing and tend to change very often, I've come to accept it lol! Since I'm trying to get back to where I was (at a 30/30 interval) I'm biting the bullet and starting out slow at a 30 sec /3 min interval. I keep trying to keep up with a 30/30 and I do well for the first 3 running intervals, then exhaust myself for the rest. It's hard when you used to be "this" a short time ago, and now your like "this", I need to focus on progress, not perfection. This was my mantra all year and I think it will be again next year!

Today I'm sneaking out of the house without my dog and doing a virtual 5k!! I have the Cowabunga 5k medal sitting next to my treadmill and I want to get that one hung today, so off I will go and do this race.

The plan: Start with a 5 min warm up walk - 30 sec / 3 min intervals - 5 min cool down

I will not focus on my pace and try not to look at my Garmin a million times (ya, right)! These last to virtual races will be for the sake of finishing them in December to wrap up the year, next year I will be focused on my pace. I've been working on my goals for next year and I'm excited!!

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