Weigh Day: 12/16/16

It's Friday and it's weigh day! I was partially dreading today and partially looking forward to it. It's been a week full of ups and down on the scale so I wasn't sure what I would see today, haha! I'm down 6 oz but I can tell I'm holding some water this morning, I felt less like a balloon yesterday and that is ok!

I feel amazing and I can see it in my face again. For a while when I was off track and gaining, I could see everything in my face, from my skin to just how I looked. I didn't see the healthy, running determined face in the mirror that I had been seeing for months. I saw a reflection of my old self going back to her bad habits. Since getting back on track a few weeks ago, I can now see massive changes in my face. I wish I took a picture before to compare, it's really a huge difference. I was breaking out bad, I usually break out around my lower part of my face, around my mouth, nose, and cheeks. Now, nothing on my face and I think water was the remedy there! I wasn't drinking any water for a while and now I've been reaching my water goals daily and it's showing.

I'm so glad I have my running mojo back, it's like a little inner competition with myself to be better than yesterday. I don't care what everyone else is doing, how fast they are going, or how long they run. I'm focused on my journey and I am my own competition. I think that is why I love running so much, it's mostly an inner competition with yourself to beat your own goals you set, not about beating the other person (unless you are in a race to get first place obviously!). I love reading the stories from other runners in the From Fat to Finish Line group on FB (which I love by the way, I'm so glad I found my tribe there) and they are inspiring and motivating!

On a side note about weigh day, I reached back into the 230's!!! I was 239.8 this morning and I'm so happy to see those numbers again, I'm down 80.2 lbs. Still up about 19 lbs since my lowest but I don't care, I'm getting there slowly and doing it the healthy way. Like I said, I feel amazing!


  1. Sometimes I don't want to write a whole comment, but would just like to click a love button upon reading your blog posts.
    So true, about doing it for yourself.
    After I stopped doing my workouts, and only doing them sporadically, I challenged myself to do yoga every day in December. I love it, and look forward to it now.

    1. I really need to get back into yoga, I was loving it when I made it a daily practice. There is a studio right around the corner from me that I hope to try out soon, I prefer home though but thought it would be fun! :)

    2. I was never much into Yoga, tried it a few times, but just didn't really like it. My daughter kept asking me to try it again. I like kettlebell workouts more.
      I tried many different instructors, and then I found J. Brown from NY. I bought his DVD and do it at home.
      His style is totally right for me. It starts out with a 7 minute practice, then 15min, 30min, 60min and 75min. I'm up to 60min now. I don't even see it as workout, because I'm not out of breath or sweating, but it's much needed, because I'm so stiff and inflexible. I just feel really good after I've done it.


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