Weigh Day: 12/9/16

Despite being a bit bloated this week, shark week is upon me, just waiting for the "attack", I had a loss this week! My eating has been very good and I'm so proud to be back on track, even my running mojo is in full swing.

This week I lost 1.2 lbs, total of 79.6 lbs! I'm getting closer to where I was at before I took the summer off lol My goal is to see the 230's next Friday!


  1. Sorry about the deleted comment. I wish it was possible to edit.
    Yay, you are back! You are doing so well!
    I too took a break, and in no time gained 20lbs. What? How did that happen.
    Anyway, enjoying following your journey, thanks for being once again a great inspiration!

    1. Haha it's ok! Thanks! I'm glad to be back, I gained about 20 lbs as well, it sucks for sure! I'm currently working on getting those off and then work towards onederland!


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