Weigh Day Changes: 12/23/16

Last week I decided that I would not be posting my weekly weigh in's anymore, I just really want to focus on my health, running, and non-scale victories for a bit. I will share my monthly ones and when I reach milestones though, just not the weekly weigh in's.

I struggled this week with bloating and water retention due to upping my running, it always happens when I increase too fast. Jumped 3 lbs in 2 days, so I knew something was going on. But I got it back down this morning so I pretty didn't change on the scale compared to last weigh in on Friday and I'm totally ok with that! I feel great! 

I will be posting my monthly weigh in's on the 1st of each month, I love seeing those changes. I'm looking forward to taking a new progress picture, it's been a while! I keep teetering into the 230's then back to the 240's, hoping to break fully into the 230's by the 1st, I just need to really keep an eye on my eating. Late night snacking has been off the chart some days, usually I'm so good at not munching after dinner but lately it's been bad lol!

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